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CALC County Office, 11 Walsingham Place, Truro
CALC County Office, 11 Walsingham Place, Truro

Cornwall Association of Local Councils (formerly CAPTC)

The Cornwall Association of Local Councils is the County Association affiliated to the National Association of Local Councils (NALC), the only body in the country specialising full-time in the work of Local Councils, with advice and guidance to its member councils based on more than 40 years experience of acting solely in their interests.

Direct access to government departments and the work of Parliament, ongoing lobbying of MPs and Peers means NALC is in a unique position to influence matters directly affecting local councils, info: .

Access to this advice and guidance is available only through membership of CALC, the County Association.

The CALC is the first point of contact for all local councils in need of free advice on a range of topics, ranging from legal, financial and technical, to general advice, with access to:

  • An Arbitration Service which has the support of the Local Government Ombudsmen

  • Favourable rates of insurance

  • Publications, such as Local Council Review, with information and articles on Local Council Affairs, which can be posted direct to subscribers.

  • Training and training courses The Cornwall Association of Local Councils is the lead body in the Cornwall County Training Partnership

  • Stationery, leaflets, circulars, handbooks, forms and notices to facilitate the day-to-day administration of local councils.
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    Cornwall Association of
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    11 Walsingham Place
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